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Redox Signaling The Body To Create Vitality

The power plants of human muscle cells are the dense populations of mitochondria—heart cells have 5,000 each. ❤️Heart cells never rest. There is always a dynamic process of metabolism of fuel and oxygen, as well as a release of waste, and it’s all based in redox re­actions from RSM created by mitochondria.
🏋️‍♀️MUSCLE RECOVERY–Muscle cells love to work! They rise to the challenge, replicate themselves, and recover from exercise under the direction of RSM, and they develop more mitochondria with more exercise. But even with healthy habits, we lose 10% of our mitochondrial density every decade after age 20. RSM supple­mentation helps correct the effects of this, promoting faster recovery and reducing cell injury.
🛠BONE DENSITY AND HEALING–As the structural framework for our bodies, bones do their cellular work—including bring­ing calcium into the architecture—through redox reactions. The bone density decline that comes with aging can accelerate with RSM imbalance. RSM balance along with proper mineral resources helps arrest this process.
AGING–A youthful abundance of REDOX signaling molecules signals the body to create the vitality we seek as we age in life. Aging in balance is possible provided we manage our REDOX potential with necessary lifestyle changes.

Benefit From My Experience

Kay Russell, PhD  Healing Arts & Sciences; the holistic approach to attain overall balance and well-being.  My mission is to focus on you and help you reach your goals in the most gentle and carefully considered way. We begin where you are and together  determine the best path back to wholeness. I am an educator in a variety of alternative modalities.

You deserve a GREAT LIFE!

All lack of balance in the body centers around either oxidation or inflammation. Redox Molecules are key in neutralizing those issues. Click the link to information about ASEA (More, upper left, top of this page) is key to gaining insight into this important form of support which is beneficial for all.

Another area of importance and interest for all is caring for the largest organ of the body; the skin! See the link to my Rodan+Fields website (click More, upper left on this page) which is full of answers to skin care needs, be it sensitive, aging, or other challenged conditions. 

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